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Blogs written by veterinarians (not necessarily about vet med)
Ambitiously Inquisitive
Andy Mathis Art Co.
Brina (MySpace Blog)
Cannon Veterinary Services
The Cat Vet
Diary of a Depressive Veterinarian
Disgruntled Letters
Dr. Anyes: The Pet Vet
Dr. Bob: A Veterinary Surgeon Who’s Gone to the Dogs.
Dr. Snark
Fully Vetted
The Happy Healthy Horse
Healthy As A Dog
The Horse Doctor
KoiVet.com: Koi and Goldfish Health Care
Laboratory Tested
Lucia Mokres’ Blog
Mara Mobile Veterinary Unit
The Mind of a Cat Doctor
Pender Island Musings
Pet Doctor
Pet Doctor Podcasts
Peter Glassman, DVM
Pet Peeves
Sunset Cat
Tails from a Cat Vet
Thoughts of an (Almost) Middle-Aged Veterinarian, or Is It Mother?
Uber Rants-R-Us
v911: Veterinary Emergency Medical Service in Hamilton, New Jersey
The Vet Blog
Veterinary Immunology Forum: Resources in Veterinary Immunology
Veterinary Radiology
Veterinary Secrets Revealed
Veterinary Theriogenology
A Vet’s Tell-Tails. And so the Tomcat said, “Gimme back my balls!”
Vet without Borders
Your Pet’s Best Friend

Blogs written by veterinary support staff
The Blog Pound
The Pet Food Blog
Veterinary Technician Stories
Veterinary Technicians’ Journal
Vet Tech

Blogs written by veterinary students
All but One Species
The Blessed Habitation
The Bowie Box
Discovering Michelle
DVM-Wannabee Blog
Four-Legged Lexis
From Vet Assistant to Veterinarian
The Glasgow Experience
Road to Vetmed: A Future Vet Student’s Blog
Vet Care and Advice
Veterinarians to Be
Veterinary Dentistry Los Angeles
Veterinary Medicine Blog
Veterinary Radiology
Vet School Intl.
Whiteboard Replacement
Winnie Loves Us

Blogs written by others in the veterinary industry
AAVA CE Listing
Animal Law Blog
Animal Pharm: Editor’s Blog
Animal Pharm: Publisher’s Notes
Pet Industry Weekly
Shelter Life
San Diego Zoo Weblogs

Miscellaneous blogs that might be of interest
Animal House
Ark Animal Answers
The Bird Flu Blog
Clicker Training Community Blog
Companion Animal Health Fund
Compassion Fatigue Intervention
Daily Pet blog
Dig & Scratch Newspaper
Dogged Blog
Feline Diabetes
Feral Cats in the News: The Feral Cat Blog!
Handicapped Pets Blog
Information on Pets Articles and News
Leashes to Litterboxes
The Monday and Friday Mews Catzette
Paws and Effect: A blog of infinite wisdom
Pet Connection Blog
The PetsitUSA.com Blog
Read Larry Powell
Scribbles N Bits
When Things Go Wrong at the Factory