New issues of the following journals are now available online:


The latest issue of the Journal of Small Animal Practice (Vol. 48, Issue 4, April 2007) is now available online. Of note in this issue:

  • A comparison (188–192; abstract) of radiographic, ultrasonographic, and computed tomography evaluations of the middle ear finds that “A combination of radiography and ultrasound can provide a more accurate assessment of the bulla than either of them alone.” The authors caution, however, that because the results are dependent on the skill of the ultrasonographer, this might not be a useful diagnostic modality for all practitioners. In lieu of a combination approach, radiographs are the superior diagnostic tool.
  • A retrospective study (194–200; abstract) evaluates the use of circular external fixators in dogs.
  • A study (202–208; abstract) concludes that aldosterone is a dead end for the study of feline hypertension.
  • A retrospective study (211–217; abstract) investigates the epidemiology (including breed distribution, age of onset, severity of symptoms) of canine keratoconjunctivitis sicca.