The American College of Veterinary Nutrition released a statement on the food recall (thanks to Pet Food Blog).

The statement expresses condolence to pet parents whose pets have been “adversely affected by the recent pet food contamination incident.” (Incident is an interesting term to use for an ongoing problem.)

It argues that the “ever-changing news about the pet food recall” and its media portrayal

has created confusion and panic . . . and allowed for wild speculation about the safety and wholesomeness of commercial pet foods in general and mistrust of both the industry and government oversight of the industry.

It notes the college’s confidence that everything possible is being done to “identify the source of contamination and isolate pet foods affected by the contamination” and further notes that this process takes time.

It makes the sensible comment that “Contrary to the assertions of some, it simply is not in the best interest of companies to want to sell potentially unsafe product.”

It urges caution among those inclined to start feeding their pets home-prepared foods.

Overall the statement is, as the Pet Food Blog notes, a “voice of reason.”