With spring upon us, veterinarians might once again be asked to operate on that sweetest of avian critters, Peepsis mallowis. Need a refresher? Catmanager recommends this excellent article on Peep surgery from the venerable Peep Research Organization. The article makes clear that operations on this species, while carrying their own special set of complications, are not necessarily restricted to the avian specialist. From the “Introduction”:

One of the great mysteries of the Peep species is that these creatures are always born as conjoined quintuplets. Some scientists have theorized that this arrangement, much like pack behavior in other species, serves as a natural protection against predators. . . .

Nevertheless, as Peeps integrate into modern society, there is no ethical reason they should be denied the benefits of individualism.

In addition to describing the surgery itself, the article offers tips on patient prep, anesthetic protocols, how to handle emergencies, and advanced reconstructive surgical technique. Enjoy!