The news reports today are all over the board. These four stories appeared within three hours of one another:

What are we to conclude? The food is safe? Caution is still needed? The illness is mysterious and something to worry about? The problem is fear itself, and we are overreacting? Catmanager has no idea. But I’m sort of glad for the confusion; it reminds us that in a crisis events aren’t orderly, we don’t have immediate answers to questions, and we need both to remain skeptical and to keep an open mind. I’ve seen a lot of skepticism but somewhat less open-mindedness.

The discovery of melamine in the recalled food (and in the urine and kidneys of some affected cats) is unlikely to be the end of the story. So keep asking questions and keep demanding that governments and corporations share information. But don’t jump to conclusions. Remember that no one at this point has a panoramic view of the situation.