What with the pet food recall, catmanager has fallen behind on writing journal summaries. I’ve received several at the office in the past week or so and a few others are newly available online. To get caught up, I’ll start with the latest Veterianry Forum (Vol. 24, No. 3, March 2007). Of note in this issue:

  • An article on “Dealing with Derm Demons” (34–40) reinforces the importance of “remembering the basics.” The basic dermatologic tests and treatments are reviewed and guidance on when to refer is provided.
  • “Drug Compounding: A Precarious Practice” (44–46) urges caution when working with compounding pharmacies.
  • A peer-reviewed case report (56–62) discusses an unusual presentation of feline IBD with possibly concurrent FIP.
  • A practice-management article (70–72) offers tips on preparing for tax season.

Incidentally, the Veterinary Forum Web site does not include content from the current issue; it does include selected highlights from earlier issues; something called “Forum Letters Live,” which includes both letters published in the journal and a scattering of letters submitted by pet owners; a conference calendar; and year-end indexes (available as PDFs).