As Pet Connection notes, USA Today asks questions about how official the “offical” numbers are. Also of interest in the article:

The U.S. imports 70% to 80% of its wheat gluten, used widely in human and pet foods either as a protein source or, in wet pet food specifically, as a binding agent.

The Washington Post has a new story here.

The New York Times has corrected (scroll to the end of the article) an earlier report that claimed Menu Foods had expanded its recall. According to the Times, Menu Foods “did not expand its recall to all wet food products on Friday” (emphasis in original). This correction contradicts widely circulated reports in other media (including this morning on NPR).

The Globe and Mail offers a history of Menu Foods and an assessment of its future.

The latest lawsuit filed against Menu Foods is asking for $100 million (Canadian).

From New Zealand, a report that recalled food has made it to that part of the world. No animals are reported becoming ill from eating recalled food in New Zealand, however.

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine has posted an information sheet about the pet food recall.

Itchmo!Seattle catches a Rocky Mountain News story that notes the FDA “is looking into a small number of reports that pets have died after consuming food that was not included among the recalled products.” Itchmo has been collecting reports of pets allegedly sickened after eating dry Iams brand food.

Menu Foods has posted a consumer FAQ on its Web site. The FAQ confirms that Menu Foods does not manufacture any dry foods. Also of note:

Who is going to pay my vet bills for sickness and death?

If Menu Foods product is the cause of sickness or death, Menu Foods will take responsibility. Menu has engaged a professional firm to manage your concerns and is currently contacting concerned pet owners who have reached our call center. Specific direction will be received from these individuals. Please keep copies of all your vet records and receipts for pet food purchases as well as vet bills.