Catmanager just heard on NPR’s Day to Day a story about the recall. To my knowledge, this is the first story NPR has done on the issue.

The story (here; audio won’t be available until 4 p.m. ET) includes a lengthy conversation with Ohio State University College of Medicine veterinary nutritionist Tony Buffington. Dr. Buffington explains what ingredients typically go into making wet pet food and talks generally about the recall. (The story recaps what is already known about the recall and doesn’t add much new information.) When asked if he has any concerns about manufactured pet foods, he replies with an emphatic no and says that on the whole the manufacturing process conforms to the same extremely high standards as human food production. (This was news to catmanager. I suspect other experts might dispute that claim.) Then he makes what I think is a valid point: we see fewer recalls of pet foods than we do of human foods. His point wasn’t to minimize the seriousness of the current recall but to reassure people that, on the whole, the pet food supply is safe. explains what goes into the manufacture of pet foods. (The Slate story is the basis for the NPR story but doesn’t include any quotations from Dr. Buffington.)