As catmanager had expected, the pet food recall is raising the visibility of BARF diets and raw or home-prepared food generally.’s Denise Flaim titles a column published today “Makes You Wanna BARF,” a title that was bound to come along sooner or later. Congratulations, Denise, on being the first!

Christie Keith at the Dogged blog addresses “The Cost of Conveinence” and manages to slip in her preference for home-prepared foods as prelude to a thoughtful article on some of the wider implications of our convenience economy and the industrial food processing that has made it possible.

[I]t touches on almost every cultural hot spot on the way: On class and income. On the structure of the family. On child-rearing and self-care. On whether pets are possessions, family members, or something in between. On the relationship between multi-national conglomerates and the food supply. On cruelty to animals, on agricultural pollution, on the logic of raising and processing foods halfway around the country and then shipping them to the end consumer. On the relationship between medical and nutritional research and industry – human as well as veterinary. On our own lifestyles, and whether the “slow food” movement is really just the domain of the privileged foodies of Berkeley, or the cure for what ails us (if, that is, we had the money and time to take the cure).

This DIY-themed Web site offers recipes for creating pet food at home. Catmanager can’t tell where the author got his recipes or what qualifications he has.

This site reminds owners who feed home-prepared meals of the importance of calcium.

Update [3/20/07]: For those who might be considering home-prepared meals for their pets, the AVMA has some advice: consult with a veterinarian first.