A segment on today’s Fresh Air featured an interview with Dr. Jerome Groopman discussing his new book How Doctors Think. The interview touches only on human medicine, but the issues discussed should be of interest to veterinarians: misdiagnoses, attribution errors, the importance of humility when mistakes are made. To listen to the interview or read an excerpt from the book, click here (the audio is in RealAudio format; an mp3 of the whole show is available here, but you’ll can skip to the 19:45 mark for the interview with Dr. Groopman).

Catmanager found this conversation fascinating. Dr. Groopman’s book is about how doctor’s come to make diagnoses—often, as the interview makes clear, the wrong ones. Groopman speaks candidly about his experiences being misdiagnosed (by no fewer than four prominent hand surgeons), as well as a time when he made a horrendous misdiagnosis. Many of these errors were made because of an overreliance on or misinterpretation of diagnostic imaging.