Catmanager has been wondering about the recent spate of cat attacks in the news. Are cats finally putting into action their plan for world domination? Is this a new meme? Or is it just springtime?

  • 15 February 2007: In South Africa, a “‘very aggressive’ cat was put down after it tried to attack its owner. Rabies has not yet been confirmed.” (That quotation was all I could find on this story; it appears at the end of a piece on dog attacks.)
  • 25 February 2007: A caretaker at the Denver Zoo is mauled to death by a jaguar.
  • 7 March 2007: In Idaho a woman was hospitalized after receiving more than twenty bite wounds from her cat.
  • 12 March 2007: In Nebraska two stray, possibly feral, cats attacked a family in their home. Three people required medical treatment. No word yet on whether the cats tested positve for rabies.
  • 13 March 2007. From YouTube a video of your comely local news reporter being scratched by a cat while broadcasting live. (The station ran a follow-up the next night in which they provide more details of the cat’s medical condition.)

Aside from the horrendous incident at the Denver Zoo, these stories are trivial. Yet, with the exception of the South African story, they are all over the news. Scores of media outlets covered the Idaho story. According to Google News, seventy-eight outlets have already covered Nebraska attack. Perhaps the zoo attack, with its fatal outcome, has made cat-attack stories seem suddenly “relevant.” Perhaps it’s just a blip.

Catmanager wonders if the issue has filtered down to veterinary practices? Are you hearing about these stories from your clients? Are people expressing more concern than usual about whether their cats might be dangerous? More interest in declawing (please try to talk them out of it)? Let me know!