Veterinarians have many passions beyond the practice of medicine. Many are talented artists: musicians, painters, writers. Some become freedom fighters. (Others enter politics through more conventional means.)

Victoria Kusiyumbe, a Tanzanian veterinarian, has worked for over a decade to help her countrywomen, many of them widows, survive on their own by becoming economically self-sufficient. After her own husband died more than ten years ago, she used her veterinary income to assist other women on a case-by-case basis. Eventually she realized the needs were simply too great to be met by her alone. So she founded a company to provide micro-loans to Tanzanian women for use in purchasing equipment, modernizing their businesses, and strengthening their financial well-being. The loans are typically $500 or so, and the repayment rate is over 99 percent.

A brief profile of Dr. Kusiyumbe is here. “A cow named Sero” tells the story of how Dr. Kusiumbe came to start her micro-leasing company.