Dolittler has a fine post today about the unpleasantries locum veterinarians often face.

Relief veterinarians seem hard to come by all over the country, and Dr. Khuly’s post explains some of the reasons why.

I tried out days at those pretty practices with cookie-cutter vaccine schedules and disease treatment flow sheets (so much for my education—a trained monkey could practice medicine better in this environment).

I did my time in dank, forty-year old places with mold creeping up walls, no surgery lights and often no payment forthcoming for weeks. . .

Then there were times I’d walk into a hospital so filthy and disgusting I wouldn’t even introduce myself. I’d walk out just as fast—without explanation.

Ouch. That’s not exactly a glowing review of the state of the industry. Then again, aren’t we always trying to explain to clients that differing levels of care and quality exist in our industry, that when it comes to level of service you generally get what you pay for? Dr. Khuly’s post just reminds us of that fact.

While you’re over at the Dollittler blog, be sure to check out Dr. Khuly’s recent two-part post, “Work, life and income hang in an uneasy balance for veterinarians” (the link is to Part I). Both parts of the post have received some excellent, thoughtful comments.