Over at Vet Tech, Nancy Campbell writes about one of the frustrations small animal practitioners and their staff have to deal with: clients who refuse to pay the costs associated with saving their animal during an emergency despite having signed a surgery consent form outlining what the staff will do in the event of an emergency and the client’s responsibility to bear the financial costs of that care.

Over at The Vet Blog, Dr. Susan Barrett writes about pyometra and its dangers. ’Tis the season! (Pyometra was one of the topics covered during last Friday’s staff meeting at catmanager’s clinic.) Catmanager understands that Dr. Barrett’s blog is consciously dog-centric and that that is why she addresses pyometra in dogs only. But, I feel compelled to say, cats get pyometra, too, if more rarely.

Dr. Khuly at Dolittler weaves together a story of close encounters with a paranoid client and a thoughtful discussion of the ethics of blogging about clients.

Doc at Your Pet’s Best Friend explains how things get behind at the vet clinic when your day doesn’t progress quite according to schedule.

Torontovet at VETBLOG shares some initial thoughts on the bestseller Caesar’s Way and pleas for dog owners to forbear from costuming their dogs.

The veterinary student behind All but one species shares his/her fourth-year schedule, sure to bring back fond memories for veterinarians and bring on second thoughts for those contemplating vet school. 😉

Finally, but in the same vein, Megan at Winnie Loves Us offers a hell week haiku (or, for those who know and care about the difference, a senryu).