A front-page story in yesterday’s Washington Post (free registration required), “FDA Rules Override Warnings about Drug,” reports that the FDA is on track to approve cefquinome for use in cattle, a move the FDA’s advisory board recommended against last fall.

The blog Allergy and Immunology reports on research published in the April 2005 issue of Nature Medicine involving a novel molecule designed to block cat allergies (abstract here). The molecule, which “loosely tethers a feline and a human protein together,” prevented allergic reactions in rats and in human cells in a test tube. Catmanager can’t tell why Allergy and Immunology chose to report on this now, but the research is interesting.

Some (most?) head south for winter vacations. Maryland veterinarian Carl Rogge heads to Alaska to volunteer his services to the dogs and mushers in the Iditarod sled dog race. The Baltimore Sun has a nice article about Dr. Rogge and his annual northern “vacation.”

The U.K.’s Observer Sport Monthly has a fascinating story on Eclipse, the eighteenth-century progenitor of the vast majority of today’s thoroughbreds, including the “past six Derby winners.” The story involves royalty, rogues, prisons, and horse portraiture, as well as some interesting tidbits of veterinary history. (Thanks to Jenny Davidson at the Light Reading blog, which is where catmanager first came across the story.)