In the past week I’ve added several pages of links that I hope will be useful. Please let me know if you notice any omissions or errors!

  • International Veterinary Associations lists associations outside of the United States, as well as those based in the United States whose names include the word International.
  • National Veterianry Associations lists associations based in the United States (except for those that choose to call themselves “International”).
  • State Veterinary Associations lists all fifty state veterinary medical associations, plus the ones for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.
  • Veterianry Technician Associations lists international, national, state, and local associations for vet techs and veterinary nurses.
  • Veterinary Blogs lists all the veterinary blogs catmanager has been able to track down. The list includes blogs by veterinarians, by veterinary students, by veterinary support staff, by others in the veterinary industry, as well as a handful of miscellaneous blogs that might be of interest to those in the veterinary profession.

Catmanager is still working on a list of local veterinary associations (i.e., those that serve cities, counties). If you know of any, please contact me!