Former FDA head and veterinarian, Lester Crawford, was sentenced Wednesday.

The pet population is declining in Australia, and the Australian Veterinary Association suspects that “fewer backyards and overly restrictive local government regulations” could be to blame.

The FDA approves Cerenia (maropitant citrate), a drug for preventing vomiting in dogs.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has a nice profile of Decatur, GA, veterinarian Jason Hutcheson and his exotics practice. “The waiting room is always fun until the 50-pound, 12-foot python waits next to the dwarf rabbit,” Hutcheson is quoted as saying. One can only imagine!

The horse racing industry takes a step toward banning steroid use (currently legal in all states except Iowa).

The Houston Chronicle runs an AP story about a new bird flu futures market at the University of Iowa. The idea has been around for a few years, however, as this article from 2005 attests.

Lastly, a case of suspected bird flu in England is revealed to be the work of a young feline named “Tibbs” who was unduly influenced by the violence she witnessed while watching a television program about lions. Pet psychologist David Wildheart explains,

Cats with delusions of grandeur aren’t uncommon in suburban areas. They can, often, suffer with detachment issues and with today’s society, being as it is, they are easily influenced by violence on TV, computer games and the internet.