The current Veterinary Medicine (Vol. 102, No. 2, February 2007) includes

  • an interview (pp. 88–90) with Colorado State bioethicist Bernard Rollin (Catmanager heard Dr. Rollin speak at the 2006 AAFP fall conference and was impressed if somewhat disappointed that he skirted the declawing debate.)
  • a toxicology brief on “Mushroom poisoning in dogs” (pp. 95–100)
  • an article on rabbit behavior (pp. 104–113), plus an information sheet on rabbit litterbox training that can be copied and given to clients (p. 116)
  • “A look at pediatric dental problems” (pp. 118–133)
  • a “Mind over Miller” that introduces us to Norma Boyd’s It’s a Dog’s Life for the Vet’s Wife (or My Husband Treats Me Like a Dog)