Highlights of the 1 March JAVMA (Vol. 230, No. 5) include:

  • Managed care for pets? Don’t run for the hills just yet. Instead check out the brief news report on pp. 637–638.
  • Two ultrasound studies. One (pp. 671–680) finds ultrasonography and CT to be valuable tools for “differentiating neoplastic from nonneoplastic orbital disease in dogs.” The other (pp. 690–696) seeks “to determine the accuracy of cytologic diagnosis, compared with histologic diagnosis, in determination of disease in ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspirates of splenic lesions.”
  • A special report (pp. 713–719) looks at the impact of euthanasia on employee retention in animal shelters. Not surprisingly, the study found that “turnover rates were positively related to euthanasia rate.” The study offers some suggestions that shelters might use to mitigate this personnel issue.

My favorite classified from the issue:

Is the magnetic pull of the North Pole drawing you to Alaska? [Nevermind that the magnetic North Pole isn’t yet above Alaska. Here’s it’s location as of 2005.] The After Hours Veterinary Emergency Clinic, Inc, only about 100 miles below the arctic circle, seeks a new team member to provide high-quality emergency medical care to small animals throughout the interior of Alaska. [Yikes! That’s a lot of territory!]