My mailbox was full this afternoon. Highlights from the current JFMS (Vol. 9, No. 1) include

  • a study of prevalence rates of several nasty microorganisms (e.g., Mycoplasma haemofelis) in cats with anemia (pp. 1–7).
  • not one but two studies looking at using PCR to diagnose FeLV infections (the second study also looked at FIV). What’s wrong with the Idexx SNAP test, you ask? Well, the first study (pp. 8–13) found that a semi-quantitative real-time PCR assay was “able to detect a large number of cats with low FeLV proviral loads that were negative by other conventional test methods.”
  • from Greece, a report (pp. 23–28) on a new surgical treatment to help manage obstipation in cats who’ve suffered pelvic fractures
  • a study out of Tufts (pp. 44–50) that finds that a product called Zero Odor does in fact reduce litterbox odor and thus make litterboxes more attractive to cats.
  • a case report on “Eosinophilic fibrosing gastritis and toxoplasmosis in a cat” (pp. 82–88)

As always, the cover of the journal features a montage of images you’ll be sure to want your clients to see!