The February 2007 issue of Clinician’s Brief (Vol. 5, No. 2) arrived at my office today. Highlights include:

  • a nice review of dental radiography equipment, including prices for some of the more commonly available models (“Dental Radiography,” pp. 9–12)
  • a 5-Minute Veterinary Consult–style overview of “Parvoviral Enteritis” (pp. 33–35)
  • twenty-one pages of literature review capsules (“The Current Literature in Brief,” pp. 39–60)
  • an article on “Nutritional Support for the Vomiting Patient” (pp. 61–64)
  • a discussion of NSAIDs in dogs (“NSAID Therapy in Dogs,” pp. 66–69)
  • an illustrated how-to on conducting avian physical exams (“The Avian Physical Examination,” pp. 74–78)

Lastly, the “Tidbits” feature (p. 80) reveals that twenty-five years ago Lassie became the first animal to be enrolled in a pet insurance plan. Was Lassie ever really at risk for economic-driven euthanasia?